Visiting Sichuan China

Visiting Sichuan China

I always look forward to going on exotic vacations, sometimes the same old gets boring. Usually, people who go on vacation go back to the same place. Of course, there are just some destination worth going back to, but there are so many other destinations calling to be explored.

I’m excited, as I’m ready packing my bags and heading for Sichuan China. I bought my luggage at Bed Bath & Beyond and did some light shopping to prepare myself for the excursion. I will be touring in different areas of the Province, and I’m ready to see the sites with my camera.

Visiting Sichuan China

Leaving the US, I will embark on beautiful landscapes and great culture. Sinchuan is a big place, so there are lots to see. The first stop is the beautiful national park of Jiuzhaigou. It’s in the northern part of Sichuan, a wonderful place to start our journey. When traveling through the park, my camera coundn’t capture all of the beauty that was around me. Our tour guide let us know of the rich history–to think they were logging in this area. Now, it is a government protected park and its wonders can be seen by all.

After a tranquil day in the park, sometimes it’s nice to see what the city has to offer. I spent a day on a very long street. This was where I got most of my souvenirs from the trip. The place was called Jinli and I stayed the whole day there. There was so much to look at and at night it was a beauitiful site with all the lights.

Our next stop will be in western China. Here, there will be a historic journey into the past. Zigong Salt History Museum is a popular stop for tourists like me. It was built in 1736, and is located in the Guild Hall which took 16 years to build. It was a very expensive project, but was well worth it because the architecture is marvelous. The amazing structure represents the wealth of the salt merchants at that time.

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Sichuan, and these are only a few things it has to offer. The next time you want a real adventure with beautiful views travel Sichuan.

You Never Met Strangers Doing Missionary Work

You Never Met Strangers Doing Missionary Work

Helping those in need is one of the characteristics of being a good Christian. One never knows when or where help is needed. This is what prompted LDS missionaries to travel to Sichuan, China. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the Mormons as they are called, are a caring and passionate group of Christians.

They lend their services and hands to despair countries across the land. They take with them the faith, trust, and belief that their works and labors of love is not in vain, but rather appreciated. While travelling to Sichuan, China, the LSD missionaries are faced with many possibilities.

lds travelling missionaries

You’ll find missionaries like these all over the world.

They met people along the way that may need a helping hand. They meet people of different cultures and beliefs, but that does not stop them from helping these strangers, none the less. Travelling abroad opens the door for the LSD missionaries to find other opportunities to help other people in need.

In their bags they carry all the necessities of home. The missionary bags are dark in color, roomy, and designed to last a long time. The bags range in size from small to large and comes with many openings and storage spaces. There is room for a flashlight, portable DVD player, cell phone, pens, paper, cards and other accessories.

The LDS bags are strong enough to carry up to 100 lbs. of materials and equipment. Along the journey to another land, the LSD missionaries meet and greet hundreds of people. Some people they can relate to, and others, they cannot relate to.

Inside the kits that the Latter Day Saints distribute, you might find one or more or all of these items; drinking water, a warm blanket, a nice raincoat, a few towels, some personal soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, canned meat, powdered milk, instant noodle soup and crackers.

The LSD missionaries are an impressive group of people, and their heart and love for others is just as large. If you meet a Mormon along the way, don’t forget to shake their hand and say, “Thank you.”

Sichuan province

Sichuan province

Sichuan province

Forget orbiting the Earth or bouncing around the moon. I want to take the big ride to the ultimate in exotic locales — Mars. But there’s a hitch. I can’t get there from here unless I’m a robot, which I’m not. So I’ve chosen an earthbound destination that has all the exotic appeal of a distant planet — Sichuan Province in China.

You already know it from the mouth-watering cooking style we know as Szechuan, so I’m not planning on doing any dieting while I’m there. And I’m bound to get plenty of exercise because Sichuan is a land of towering mountains, curlicue rivers, crystalline lakes and sparkling waterfalls; each imbued with legends of gods and goddesses, prophets and holy men. It is an oriental version of Middle Earth, but this fairy tale is real and totally accessible.

The legendary Jiuzhaigou Valley looks like an earthly version of Avatar’s Pandora: 74,000 acres of primal forest studded with fantastic foliage inhabited by an array of exotic animals, including, of course, the Giant Panda. The emerald green lakes and waterfalls of Huanglong create an entirely different landscape, one in which water sets the stage. And where man has touched and shaped the environment, he has done so with reverence. The Giant Buddha of Leshan is hewn out of a mountainside, yet it looks almost as if it grew there of its own accord. Started in 713 CE, it took close to a hundred years to carve and stands 233 feet tall, a testimony to art, faith and perseverance.visiting Sichuan China is a great experience.

The Temples of Emei, a Unesco World Heritage Site, are built into another mountain peak as testimonials to yet another great oriental religion, Taoism. For someone like me who loves nature and is fascinated by ancient archaeology, visiting Sichuan seems a perfect fit. Of course, as a fanatical animal lover, I saved what I consider to be the best for last. The Wolong Panda Center,nnestled in a half-million acre preserve, let’s you get up close to these marvelous, almost mythical creatures. They’ll even let you pet and cuddle one of the babies. I’m assuming Momma Panda is somewhere else while this is going on.

I was happily surprised to find out that rates for tour groups are quite reasonable, running in the hundreds, rather than thousands of dollars, which suits my budget just fine. An English-speaking guide, private driver and air-conditioned vehicle are included in the price. The air fare is on me, but there are plenty of major carriers to chose from, including United, Air China and Asiana; so given enough time, I’m sure to find a deal.

It sounds like a plan to me. And I won’t have to pack a spacesuit. Unless, of course, they find a cuddly extraterrestrial on Mars that can out-cute a panda.